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Precision Solutions Group

Positive change starts here.

Precision Solutions Group (PSG) is a profit for purpose enterprise that exists to combat critical security and humanitarian issues on a global scale through a combination of commercial and philanthropic ventures.

Our commercial operations are focused on delivering specialised cybersecurity services and technology while our philanthropic ventures seek to enhance counter human trafficking endeavours.


Our Approach

The group operates through specialised subsidiaries that function independently while leveraging shared services and collective knowledge, capabilities, and resources. We are a values driven organisation committed to the pursuit of excellence for our stakeholders, building trust by putting others first and being professionally outstanding, and holding ourselves accountable in all regards. Across the group we are focused on generating and exploiting intelligence insights that drive direct action, positive impact, and value creation. 

Cyber Intelligence Solutions Pty Ltd |

CIS is a specialist cybersecurity provider offering assessment, uplift, monitoring, testing, training and advisory services.

Operational Intelligence Solutions Pty Ltd |

OIS delivers specialised support to help combat human trafficking through the Global Counter-Trafficking Group.

Development Capital Solutions Pty Ltd |

DCS is an impact investment and brokerage organisation driving positive change through sustainable development.


PSG is the parent company of the Precision Solutions Group.

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